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About Us

Welcome to Burnt Culture Co.

Meet Taryn - Founder & Chief Chandler

I'm Taryn, the "mad scientist" behind Burnt Culture Co. Based in Largo, MD. My journey here was shaped by passion, necessity, and a touch of innovation.

Crafted for You: My quest to create the perfect candle didn't just start with a love for fragrances; it began with a need for a solution. Intense migraines sparked my realization that not all candles were created equal. Despite my affection for popular candle brands, the love wasn't mutual due to the ingredients that exacerbated my migraines. 

From Skincare to Scents: Armed with a background in skincare, an intense love for essential oils and an engineering education, I set out to create a line of candles that not only smelled amazing but also respected my well-being. This journey wasn't just about fragrance; it was about crafting an experience that nurtured rather than hindered.

Engineering the Aroma: Drawing on my engineering knowledge, I meticulously honed every aspect of Burnt Culture Co. candles – from the fragrances to the materials. With a dedication to quality, I ensure that every candle that reaches you is a symphony of scents that evoke emotions and memories.

Rooted in Culture: Culture is the heart and soul of our candles. Every name is more than just a label; it's a celebration of conversations, experiences, and authenticity. Each candle represents a piece of our culture and the stories that define us.

Embrace, Engage, Illuminate: As you explore Burnt Culture Co., remember that you're not just experiencing candles; you're experiencing my journey, my passion, and my commitment to quality and well-being. I invite you to join our fragrant revolution, where every candle is a step toward embracing, engaging, and illuminating life's beautiful moments.

So here's to a candle company born out of a personal quest, crafted with expertise, and nurtured with care. Welcome to Burnt Culture Co., where fragrances aren't just scents – they're a testament to dedication, innovation, and a journey well-traveled.